At Dulles Vein and Surgical Clinics, Dulles Medical Care, we offer AFFORDABLE, HIGH QUALITY, AND PATIENT CENTERED MEDICAL CARE.  Regardless of your job, risk factors such as genetics, alcohol use, prolonged periods of standing and/or sitting, being overweight, and smoking, our very experienced physician and team will help you achieve good health. With your cooperation, we guarantee you an enjoyable experience being treated at our clinic. Of course we need you to coordinate and compliance with the appointment and treatment plan in order to maximize our patient centered services.

Our services include venous diseases and general practice: comprehensive preventive care, general screening for common diseases, free screening for venous diseases, evaluation and management of common medical problems, such as vascular diseases, oncology, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, etc. Because the cost for American health system is from top three leading diseases, (1) Cancer (2) Renal diseases and (3) Heart diseases, it is very important to do screening, prevention for these disorders. In addition, lower extremity venous diseases are very common, which impact more than 50% of the population over 50 years old and 83% of people over 80 years old. It can also be debilitating for the elderly and reduce the quality of life. It is very important to prevent and treat venous diseases early.

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