The minimally invasive procedure used to remove large or aneurysm varicose veins that are very superficial is called microphlebectomy. The size of the incision is small.

After the skin is prepped and local anesthesia is given, a small cut is made at the treatment location. Your surgeon will then use hook or other special tools to remove the large varicose vein. This will be done section by section.

Once the procedure is completed, dressings are applied. The bandages can be removed after three days and patients need to wear compression stockings for three weeks for better healing.

Recovering Course

Because local anesthesia is administered, the patient can return to regular activities the same day after the procedure. Sometimes in some patients, some bruises can be seen, but these are temporary and disappear quickly. You are recommended to walk after the procedure for fast recovery. Compression stockings are used for two weeks. Follow-up visits are scheduled for one week, and one month later. We recommend that patients avoid extra heat applied to legs such as sauna hot tubs, lifting more than 15 lb, and long flying for 20 days.

Benefits of Microphlebectomy

  1. Excellent result: Big varicose bulging varicose or venous aneurysm veins disappear after procedure. And so are your symptoms on your legs.
  2. Minimal impact to your health and daily life: It is a very simple procedure in our surgeon’s hand with a minimal incision/scar. No hospitalization is needed. No downtime and no complications are noted for this safe procedure.
  3. Minimal pigmentation and fibrosis post procedure: What is more important is that there is no pigmentation along the path of the very superficial vein and no big firm fibrosis change and pain along the path of big bulging vein as these can sometimes happen in sclerotherapy.