Minor surgeries

At Dulles Vein and Surgical Clinics, our experienced doctor also performs the procedures to deal with the following conditions.

  1. Conditions such as cysts, bursae, abscesses, cysts, thrombosed piles – can be quickly relieved by ultrasound guided aspiration / drainage.  
  2. Conditions such as sebaceous cysts, lipoma, warts, skin lesions for histology, intradermal naevi, papilloma, dermatofibroma and similar lesions, foreign bodies – can be easily performed and removed by our expert with small incision with or without image guide.
  3. Chronic joint pain such as Osteoarthritis – relieved by ultrasound guided Injections: intra-articular
  4. Varicose vein (from spider veins to large bulging veins without any symptoms)
  5. Open wounds – treated by wound debridement and laceration stitching.
  6. Post-surgical procedure wound care, such as suture removal.